About Us

Persia Group is your professional partner in providing specialized commercial consulting and strategic advice on how to recruit new people for your established company in Iran and hereby expand your business, establish partnerships as well as concluding contracts. We provide good negotiation support to commence long lasting business relations.
In addition, the company provides business development services as well as strategic management consultancy for international corporations in Iran as well as Iranian companies expanding abroad.
Throughout the course of the past 20 years of successful activities, we have accompanied our clients from variable industries into entering the Iranian market and vice versa. This in turn, enabled us to gather extensive experience in international legal issues and the required know-how of how to operate in most market segments.
We are one of the few consulting companies that lasted even through the recent hard times of Iran’s recession. Times, that are well known for having been the worst in the contemporary economic history of the country. We therefore, certainly owe the consulting service to our clients as well as to the precision and dedication of our team.
From the very beginning we focused on the need of international companies in their business approaches towards Iran. Understanding the corporate need as well as addressing the diverse questions, issues and problems of commercial, legal or financial nature, is what we are strong at and greatly distinguish ourselves from others.