Business Development

As generally known, professional Business Development combines Market Know How & Market Entry Strategies, Company Start up Consultancy, Assistance in Partner Searches, Service Providing and many more facilitations, that ultimately leads to the success of a company. Serving this end Persia Consulting brings a fresh and innovative approach to company services, acting as a liaison between the client and related market segments in Iran.

At the end it should once again be stressed on the exceptional experience and the extensive industry knowledge coupled with a proven track record, that makes Persia Consulting the ideal choice as a consulting firm in line with professional activities in Iran.

Professional Business Development combines all aspects of marketing, distribution, service providing and logistics that leads to the success of a company.

  • By providing market entry strategies, company start up consultancy, assistance in partner searches and many more facilitations, hence in relying on our market know how, we assist you in your expansion plans in Iran.
  • In maintaining a team of experts in distribution and marketing, we make use of our relationship network and creativity in reaching your goals.
  • The target is to become the most reliable address for international functional advisory services.

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