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Business Development

As generally known, professional Business Development combines Market Know How & Market Entry Strategies, Company Start up Consultancy, Assistance in Partner Searches, Service Providing and many more facilitations, that ultimately leads to the success of a company. Serving this end Persia Consulting brings a fresh and innovative approach to company services, acting as a liaison between the client and related market segments in Iran.

At the end it should once again be stressed on the exceptional experience and the extensive industry knowledge coupled with a proven track record, that makes Persia Consulting the ideal choice as a consulting firm in line with professional activities in Iran.

Professional Business Development combines all aspects of marketing, distribution, service providing and logistics that leads to the success of a company.

  • By providing market entry strategies, company start up consultancy, assistance in partner searches and many more facilitations, hence in relying on our market know how, we assist you in your expansion plans in Iran.
  • In maintaining a team of experts in distribution and marketing, we make use of our relationship network and creativity in reaching your goals.
  • The target is to become the most reliable address for international functional advisory services.

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Financial Solutions

Financial matters are always one of the main issues of a company. This applies especially for companies who start from scratch in a new market.

In Iran we do provide book-keeping, accounting, payroll services, including SSO and tax calculation for the staff and do assist for the respective payment; crucial elements for every start-up company not having a specialized full time employee for financial matters.

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HR & Recruitment Services

Executive Search and Recruitment (hiring) are core functions of human resource management. They are the first step of appointment. They refer to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization.
Sourcing is the use of one or more strategies to attract or identify candidates to fill job vacancies. It may involve internal and/or external advertising, using appropriate media, such as job portals, local or national newspapers, social media, business media, professional publications, job centers, or in a variety of ways via the internet, but most importantly first hand relations and word of mouth combined with deep intuition and people knowlege.

We at Persia Consulting do have extensive knowledge and references with multinationals and international firms in Iran. From C-level executive search to the recruitment of specialized workforce.

Since the JCPOA in January 2016 our HR-Department has shown steady growth due to the ever increasing need for suitable human resources, capable enough to cope with an international working environment, bringing good foreign language capabilities along with an appropriate work habit. Each of the criteria can be challenging in a country with a high number of well educated, but not well trained young and motivated population. Here is where the expertise of our professional team will make you benefit.
In addition we do offer solutions to retain staff and develop and train them to develop a successful organization.
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Settlement of Disputes

The legal system provides a necessary structure for the resolution of many disputes. However, some disputants will not reach agreement through a collaborative processes.

The most common form of judicial dispute resolution is litigation. Litigation is initiated when one party files suit against another.

Some use the term dispute resolution to refer only to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), that is, extrajudicial processes such as arbitration, collaborative law, and mediation used to resolve conflict and potential conflict between and among individuals, business entities, governmental agencies, and (in the public international law context) states.

ADR generally depends on agreement by the parties to use ADR processes, either before or after a dispute has arisen. ADR has experienced steadily increasing acceptance and utilization because of a perception of greater flexibility, costs below those of traditional litigation, and speedy resolution of disputes, among other perceived advantages. However, some have criticized these methods as taking away the right to seek redress of grievances in the courts, suggesting that extrajudicial dispute resolution may not offer the fairest way for parties not in an equal bargaining relationship, for example in a dispute between a consumer and a large corporation. In addition, in some circumstances, arbitration and other ADR processes may become as expensive as litigation or more so.

Iran Iran we do see a growing tendency to seek redress in agreeing on arbitration procedures and most contracts do include such a clause as the “dispute settlement clause”.